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Community for LJers hailing from Merrimack, New Hampshire: We're small-town kids with an unnatural love for overreaction... and proud of it.

Started by lapinguina, enjoyed by all.

Residents and former residents are welcome, as long as you're a Merrimackian at heart!

Just a few things... can we PLEASE stop with the promotion of other communities? I'm getting sick of it, and they make my friends page ugly. I'm gonna delete promo posts from now on.

Also, let's try not to start arguments pitting classes against each other. Don't diss the seniors, don't diss the juniors, don't diss the sophomores, don't diss the freshmen. I don't care what you have against some of them, do it somewhere else. I guarantee you there are decent people in every one of the classes, so don't generalize, and don't pick fights to begin with! We'll all be happier that way.

And now that that's been said, have a nice, boring, typically Merrimackian day. <3
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